Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Kinsley 6 weeks old

Little Miss Kinsley Laree- 6 weeks old
-  14.2 pounds
-  Growing out of 3 month clothes
-  Just started wearing size 2 diapers
-  I definitely think she's bigger than any of my boys.
-  She's starting to stay awake longer periods of time, but still sleeps a lot
-  She loves baths! Even when she's crying I'll put her in the bath and she stops.
-  I've been able to get her to smile several times now
-  She has grandpa hair now with the bald ring around her head.
-  She's starting to put just a little pressure on her legs as I try to get her to stand up on my legs. 
-  She can hold her head up very well, but she has actually been very strong from birth. 
-  Right now she has dark blue eyes, we'll see how they change.

We love our sweet little girl! The boys are all so cute with her.  They all run to her as soon as she wakes up. Reminded me of when myself and siblings would run to whoever was the baby at the time.
Kade is a huge help and loves being the big brother that can carry her. I trust him picking her up, putting her down, walking around, and even go down the stairs with her. He does a great job.
Bryson is sweet and often asks to give her a kiss. He loves to hold her but it's about 30 seconds and he's done. He loves to take pictures with her.  I love that I caught him on video singing to her a made up lullaby song.  Something kind of funny, Bryson seems to have taken a curiosity to me breastfeeding and one day asked "can I drink from that?" and another time "can I drink that milk?"  He's 5, I didn't expect that from him.
Teagan loves her but often it's a little too much, kind of rough.  He says "Kenzee love me". Although one time he held her and she started crying and he said "mom, Kenzee don't love me". He'll hold her for about 5 seconds and always ends in a kiss.  Every time I give Kinsley a bath, Teagan says, "mom, I take bath with Kenzee".
Glen wishes he could hold her more but loves having a little girl. I love putting new little clothes on her and think she's so cute I have to take pictures of her in each outfit.
We love our fatso!

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